The two major party candidates for governor are voicing their disagreement on a number of issues after a debate in Willmar.

Republican Jeff Johnson said he and Democrat opponent Tim Walz “couldn’t be further apart” in the direction they want to take health care. “We need to create more competition, we need to force more competition into the system and there are a lot of ways we can do that.”

Walz is advocating for an expansion of the public insurance program MinnesotaCare and said that fits with his overall platform, uniting Minnesota. “This campaign, both sides, Jeff and myself, have made it about the issues. I disagree, obviously, strongly on a vision.”

Less than a month ahead of the November election, Walz said he’s, “Feeling good. I think people are tired of divisive politics. They want real solutions put forward. My ads are being positive, I’m telling them what I’m going to do and I’m going to stick with that model.”

After campaigning around the state, Johnson said he’s also feeling positive. “There is this real, strong appetite for change,” he said, “People want a government that is more accountable to them and they want a fundamental change in the attitude of our state agencies.”

The two also sparred over taxes, agriculture policy, and healthcare.