The Blue Earth County Elections Office is reminding voters that if they have an absentee or mail ballot, it should be mailed or returned directly to the Elections Office soon.

Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stahlberger says mailed ballots have to be in to the office on Election Day on Tuesday, November 6 in order to be counted and to give the postal service enough time for processing they should be in the mail one week before Election Day.

If voters are concerned their mailed ballots won’t be received in time, they can hand-deliver them to the county’s Election Office located in the Historic Courthouse and they have to be turned in by Monday, November 5 in order for them to be counted.

For those living in mail ballot precincts who are not voting absentee, the hand-delivering deadline is Tuesday, November 6.

Stahlberger says they have been sending absentee ballots all over the world, and they have sent nearly 3,500 of them.