A 57-year-old Mankato man is accused of assaulting his neighbor over a parking dispute just over a week ago.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety says the victim had picked his eight-year-old son up from school and parked on Bardin Drive, near his home, when Donald Schlueter Jr. pulled up and began yelling because the man had parked in front of Schlueter’s house.

The victim told investigators that Schlueter hit him in the face and may have bitten his thumb before driving away.

There is surveillance video from the victim’s home that shows the altercation and the criminal complaint states that it shows Schlueter shoving the man and swinging punch to the victim’s face.

In an interview, Schlueter told police that he scuffled with the man because, “It was an unwritten rule to not park on the street in front of your neighbor’s house.” The officer explained that it was not against the law to park in front of someone’s house on a public street.