My husband, Mike, is a pretty amazing guy. We’ve both been married once before and try not to take even the smallest, sweet gestures for one another for granted. Which is why this spectacular surprise out of nowhere came as a complete shock to me!

Mike has a college degree in Parks & Rec Services. He used that to his advantage to come up with a list of clues/items to bring that he’d given me the week before the show. The first thing he did was tell me not to plan anything for the upcoming weekend because he had an idea! (I’d been asking for a ‘date night’ lately which is basically the same thing as any other time we go out but add the word ‘date’ to it. Oh – and he opens up the car door for me. That’s how I know we’re on a date!)

While I was at work the next morning he started texting me what to wear. I’m a planner and it snows a lot in MN so I needed some details like, what shoes do I wear, do I need to wear makeup and are we going to be outside?

Everyday after that I had been given a series of clues and have been told what to bring.

What To Bring:
Good, positive attitude
No boots or tennis shoes
Phone charger
Curling iron


Not in Mankato
In the summer you can hear birds singing. (I didn’t know this until later but the Canaries are Sioux Falls’ baseball team)
In the winter you need to watch out for the herd. (‘The Stampede’ is the hockey team, which my brother figured out what was going on after this one!)
Main drag
Frozen waterfalls
Southern Daughter


Here is the entire list of his amazing clues…


Fast forward to the night I found out. We’d just gotten home from going out for dinner. At this point I was ready to let it ride and find out the day of. But curiosity hit and Mike asked if I wanted one more clue. I said yes. He said, “finale”. I headed into the bathroom trying to put it all together. The word ‘finale’ meant something was final. Like a tv show, a group splitting up, or…a concert!

I raced back to the list of clues on my phone and found the word ‘Family’. We didn’t have the kids that weekend and sorry, love you Mom & Dad, but if the hubby is planning a date night, it wouldn’t involve you. But it could involve my brother and his FAMILY who live out of town, NOT IN MANKATO, where they have FROZEN WATERFALLS in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I pulled google up on my phone so quick to see what concert was playing near the area and there it was: BOB SEGER and The Silver Bullet Band!!!

Now, if you don’t know me very well, that’s okay. Think of what music gets you through your day. Maybe we play your favorite song on the radio or you hear an artist for the first time and fall in love with their lyrics. Bob Seger is a lyrical genius and has no idea that songs like Night Moves, Against The Wind, Turn The Page, Mainstreet, Old Time Rock & Roll, Still The Same, Like A Rock and so many more have shaped me into who I am today.

I raced out of the bathroom without washing my hands (TMI) and showed my husband my phone. “Are we going here?? Are we seeing Bob Seger???” He didn’t say anything and I didn’t want to get my hopes up but based on all the clues he gave me, I had to be right!

I went to the fridge for a big drink of water, trying to corral my excitement when Mike handed me an envelope. Inside of it had 2 tickets to Bob Seger for the very next evening.

I don’t really remember what happened next. I know I started to ugly cry. This was the only concert left on my bucket list. This was it. Bob Seger. And now I’m going. Never mind crying a month ago because tickets were outrageously priced at $300 per ticket in St. Paul, MN. It was Christmas time and with 3 small children at home, we couldn’t afford that. But Mike had saved for this one night. Because he knew how special it was to me. It might seem lame to some, wasting all that money on a concert. But the amount of effort that my husband spent planning this one night for us was priceless.

Mike even arranged dinner with my brother and his beautiful family!


Once dinner was over and we made plans to stop by their home the next morning before heading back to Mankato, it was time to see the man, the myth, the legend. Upper level seats next to the stage couldn’t have been cheap but from what my husband said, “thanks to StubHub, they were affordable.”


Everything beyond this moment was surreal.

This is one of my favorite moments. Bob Seger covered ‘Forever Young’ while showing old photos of friends/musicians that had passed away. Notice on screen he’s with Tom Petty.

This was truly the most amazing night for me. If you want to hear the audio, go to our Facebook page where a couple of my videos are posted. The rest are for us.

I still can’t put into words how this whole experience made me feel. And I don’t want to get too gushy over it in my blog. Those sweet sentiments are saved for home. Where my heart is. With my husband.


– Cari