A Vernon Center Republican Senator says the $49 billion budget Governor Tim Walz has proposed is a 9 percent increase from the last budget and sets Minnesota on a path to government-run health care.

Senate Finance Committee Chair Julie Rosen called the proposal, “Unsustainable and unaffordable.” She also questioned the possible government takeover of health care by the same folks who brought us MNLARS and MNsure and added that it does not attempt to lower costs.

Facts about the governor’s budget provided by Rosen:

  • Increases state spending by 9% in one budget cycle, from $45,549 in 2018-19 (November 2018 forecast, page 12) to 49,471 in 2020-21 (Walz budget documents).
  • Increases taxes on every Minnesotan by over $3 Billion:
  • $1.3 billion gas tax increase
  • $991 million sick tax increase
  • $848 million in FY 2020-21 through selective Minnesota tax conformity to the federal tax bill
  • $74 million tax increase by clawing back bipartisan tax relief from 2017
  • Ends permanent, bipartisan funding for roads and bridges (via sales taxes on auto parts). Replaces it by almost doubling the gas tax, a revenue source that declines each year starting in 2020. (MNDOT Transportation Funds Forecast November 2018, page 9)