South-central Minnesota continues to dig its way out in the aftermath of a weekend blizzard that closed state highways and interstates in the region.

MnDOT District 7’s Jed Falgren said although they have reopened the highways, “Roads are still partially covered with snow and ice, in some places fully covered. We’re getting reports of some slippery conditions out there so slow is going to be the keyword today.”

“We’re still pushing back and blowing back drifts all over,” he explained, “Mostly to the south and east of Mankato is where the big effort’s going.”

Drifts and snow still encroaching on the roadways have prompted them to bring in specialized rental equipment, which Falgren said includes, “Some of the big snowcats that you will see working on ski slopes…quad track tractors (are) coming in to push additional snow actually all over our district. We’ll be keeping them busy for the next two-to-three weeks just trying to recover from this event.”