A St. Peter lawmaker has proposed legislation that would make some changes to patient releases at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter.

DFL Representative Jeff Brand’s bill would increase the length of time that communities are notified that a patient will be released in their area from 15 to 30 days, “And that essentially tackles two things; it tackles public information but also just the availability of housing and trying to find housing for these folks that are transitioning out. It’s been difficult across Minnesota. Of course, we’re in a housing shortage.”

Democrat Minnesota State Representative Jeff Brand of St. Peter.

In addition, Brand’s bill would allow administrative staff to determine whether a patient transitioning to release should instead be sent back into the program.

“If something happens behaviorally, that sort of thing,” he explained, “Instead of asking for a court order to bring them back into the MSOP program it would be something that could be done administratively.”

The bill would also tweak the current language and make the use of any bodily fluid against staff or other patients a 4th-degree assault.