The Blue Earth County Administrator is praising the sheriff’s department for its work to rescue people stranded by flooding in Garden City just over a week ago.

“It was pretty scary how quickly the river came up in areas that hadn’t experienced as much flooding in the past,” said Bob Meyer, “So, it really was a unique scenario that developed out there and they were able to rescue some folks via boat.”

The flooding was caused by ice dams that formed on the Watonwan River.

“Other people were able to evacuate their homes with a little less fanfare, but it was an unusual situation,” he added.

Officials say a city street was washed away in the flooding and it may take months to rebuild.

Meyer said, “We didn’t have any county bridges go out but we had a lot of county roads and township roads that did experience flooding so there will be some repairs needed on those.”

The county board declared a state of emergency at their meeting this week, and Meyer explained that it’s the first step in letting the state and federal governments know that financial help may be needed to make those road repairs.

“As the water recedes we’ll have a better look to see what the damages are,” he said, “The declaration really gives us the opportunity to say to the state and federal governments that we had an incident here. We’ll have to meet some thresholds in order to potentially be eligible for assistance for those public damages.”

Flood warnings continue for the Minnesota River at New Ulm, Mankato, Henderson, and Jordan as well as the Cottonwood River above Springfield and at New Ulm.