A greater Mankato area lawmaker is displeased with Senate Republicans.

Democrat Minnesota State Representative Jeff Brand of St. Peter.

“Unfortunately, it’s politics as usual,” said St. Peter DFL State Representative Jeff Brand.

Brand said he believes said the G.O.P.-led chamber is dragging its feet on legislation, passed with urgency in the state House. “Like, for instance, mental health resources,” he explained, “We passed out House file 232 a few weeks back, which allocates the money to hire a new Ted Matthews to go around the state to meet with farmers at the kitchen table.”

Matthews is a psychologist who travels Minnesota providing free counseling to farmers, and Brand said not only is he the only one of his kind in Minnesota but in the nation.

He added that the Senate is using the issue as a bargaining chip and, “I just don’t think that’s an appropriate way to conduct business. I question the moral imperative that both sides have when it comes to working on legislation that benefits the public, and we’re talking about the difference between somebody dying and somebody living”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in 2016 farming saw the most suicides of any profession, and those numbers don’t include unsuccessful attempts.