New requirements for landlords in Minnesota passed in the Minnesota House. The bill drew strong opposition from Republican State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal, who is also a landlord. He said, “This bill would increase the costs for landlords.”

Republican State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal.

The legislation authored by DFL Representative Mohamud Noor, who responded, “I don’t see any provision in this bill that will increase the cost to the landlord. This is about the tenant/landlord relationship by making sure they have an equal playing field.”

Among the provisions is a requirement that landlords give the same level of notice they require of tenants when it comes to ending the lease, and provide ample notification before any rent increase.

Munson countered that it prevents the property owner from giving tenants financial breaks – for example, a lower monthly rent for agreeing to a longer lease term. “We can lower the cost for tenants in exchange for them giving us longer notice. Do you see how that works?” he asked, “Do you see how your bill would increase our risk as a landlord?”

Noor doubled down on his intent to create more fairness by requiring landlords and renters to follow the same rules. “You can give your tenant two months notice, and you can also have that two months notice. There is nothing wrong in this bill that does not allow you to negotiate on a period that is equal to your tenant,” he explained.

Among the other proposed changes, the lease must specify the specific until the tenant will occupy before it’s signed and it must also provide on the first page the prorated rent if they move out prior to the end of the lease.