A Mankato woman is facing several felony charges after being accused of stealing from her employer, and Mankato Department of Public Safety officials say they are still investigating and more charges could be filed.

Investigators say 49-year-old Tamara Gretz was the office manager for a local business for about six years, and had access to the company’s bank accounts. Company officials became suspicious ine arly March, after a check was returned for insufficient funds. QuickBooks records showed a more than $30,000 balance but the actual bank records showed under $2,000 in each of the company’s two accounts.

The criminal complaint states that company officials believe Gretz may have been embezzling from the company for as much as four years.

Company officials say they discovered more than $108,000 in unauthorized credit card purchases by Gretz; forged checks written to Gretz totaling over $238,000; other checks in the amount of more than $118,000; and forged checks to Gretz family members for more than $4,000. Mankato Police say the total was over $470,000.

Investigators learned that Gretz has used several aliases in the past as well as being associated with three different Social Security numbers; that she had been charged and convicted of theft from a previous employer; and had at least seven theft and check-related offenses.

The investigation is ongoing and investigators say additional charges may be filed.