A family member says two children who survived a house fire in Sherburne County that killed their father and two siblings have been released from the hospital.

The uncle of the children’s mother, Jim Tully tells KSTP-TV the surviving children, 7- and 9-years-old, are back home following the April 12 fire that killed 1-year-old Spencer Parker, 2-year-old Landon Parker and 36-year-old Anthony Parker.
Investigators believe the father intentionally started the fire at the family’s Big Lake home. The children’s mother wasn’t home at the time.
Tully says the deaths of the toddlers aren’t something you get over, it’s something you try to get through. He says his niece, Jessica, and Anthony were recently married and that she was working two jobs and going to school. Tully says her life was coming together and now it’s torn apart.