Now that I’ve settled into my night show on KXLP and my new apartment downtown, up next, find the best burger in town! I’ve been a burger fan since I was a kid. Ever since I was tall enough to reach the top of the stove I’ve been frying myself a burger. As I got older I started grilling and smoking meat. It’s been a bit of a hobby for me ever since. Being from Kansas City, I guess it’s in my blood. There’s not many things better than a killer cheeseburger!

I checked out Yelp to see what pops up. The Atomic Star Tavern shows up at the top of the list. They’re not far from my place at 12 Civic Center Plaza, so I’ll check them out. 7 West Taphouse at 1521 Tullamore Street shows up in the #2 spot. However, you the KXLP fans and locals know best where Mankato’s Best Burger can be found. Where do you go when you’re hungry for the best burger?