It’s second only to New Year’s Eve. In some cities, the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is a more popular night for partying than New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day. It’s known by several names…”Blackout Wednesday”, “Drinksgiving”, “Thanksgiving Eve”, and more. The night is popular because very few people work on Thanksgiving, and most college students are home to celebrate the holiday with their families, so going out seems like the thing to do.

If you plan to go out on Wednesday evening, where are you headed? Where’s the best place in Mankato to celebrate “Drinksgiving”? Are you heading to a local watering hole or is there a club that makes for a better party place?

If you’re heading out, please use a designated driver or grab an Uber. Local law enforcement ramps up their DUI patrols around Thanksgiving, especially here in Minnesota. MADD reports that the Thanksgiving holiday produces more persons killed by drunk drivers than over the Chrismas holiday. Happy “Drinksginvg!” and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend!