It’s “National Hat Day“! Every day is “National Hat Day” for me. Not only since my hair began to thin. I’ve been wearing them for most of my life. Maybe not as much back in the 80’s when I had long flowing locks, but certainly over the last couple of decades, I’ve worn a hat most every day.

For me, wearing a hat started with fishing where it’s a helpful accessory. Since I’ve been old enough to hold a fishing pole, I’ve been fishing. Countless hours on the lake, walking around a pond, or wading a creek requires headgear. The bill provides not only shade for my face, it also helps reduce glare. The shade assists my polarized sunglasses and improves my underwater vision.

I’m often asked how many hats I own. Like woman and their shoes, I’m sure, but certainly, I own more than I need. The picture in this post are just those sitting out on my dresser. There’s another box full in the closet and yet another in the basement. As you can see too, most are sports and band related. I also own several fishing-related ballcaps. Some are from cool places I’ve visited like Telluride, Colorado, and others are just cool looking caps I picked up along the way.

I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of hat history. Fact is, hats have been around since the middle ages. Hats are often worn for safety and protection, like a football helmet or a hard hat. Others are worn for religious reasons, ceremonial purposes, for warmth, and fashion. The Pope sports a big hat! Some of the headgear worn for Mardi Gras is outrageous too!

So are you a “hat guy”? If so, share a pic with you and your lid. Be sure to use the hashtag #NationalHatDay when posting on social media and happy “National Hat Day”!