For most guys, Valentine’s Day is one of the worst holidays. It’s not the day we don’t like, it’s the gift-giving that gives us trouble. The reason we here at KXLP came up with the “Valentine’s Day Bail Out” was we figured that if we pulled together four or five gifts for the prize package, you couldn’t go wrong and there’s bound to be something in there she’s going to love. Congrats to our winner by the way!

Since most of us don’t have the budget to give four or five gifts, we’re stuck trying to pick out the right one. It’s not easy. Flowers are an obvious choice but you better not grab a bunch on your way out of the convenience store and think she’s going to be ok with it. Woman can spot those mass-produced, flowers with a ribbon, bouquets in a heartbeat. She may say “thank you, honey I love them” while inside she’s considering poisoning your coffee. If you’re going flowers, better go all-in on a quality arrangement.

Go into any store and there are boxes and boxes of candy lining the shelves. Again, a risky choice. She may have a sweet tooth but if you’re going that route, quality not quantity is everything. A super-sized box won’t get eaten and of course, you’ll get blamed if she puts on a few pounds after the holiday. After all, she’s only about seven weeks into her New Year’s resolution to lose weight. You see the dilemma, right?

There is some truth in the “it’s the thought that counts” phrase. It’s best to try, and fail, than to not get her anything. Handcrafted gifts are always the best. It shows you took the time to create someone original. If you’re not an artist or handyman, the next best bet is something “thoughtful.” And remember, even if you wind up doing so, don’t give the appearance that you just grabbed something off the shelf. Even a card has to have a reason as to why you chose that one to give her.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading my blathering and get out there and find her something nice. Failure is not an option. Oh, and by the way, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!