A couple of months ago I posed the question. “When will the snow pile at Madison and Victory be gone”? Since then the snow mountain has grown in size. I get that it’s likely not as big as it’s been in years past but it’s of considerable size. It’s been the topic of conversation with a few friends from back home too. I try and describe the amount of snow on the ground and the size of some of the snow piles, they usually ask “When do you think those things will melt?”

As more snowstorms hit Mankato and the parking lot cleared, more snow is piled on top. The snow at the bottom of the pile becomes more compressed. That will make it harder to melt. To take down something of that size you must have days, even weeks, of above freezing temps and of course, the sun and its solar power. I suppose some warm rain would help too. A quick search of “Mankto’s average high temperatures” reveals not much is going to happen the rest of this month, however, March’s average high is 42 degrees with an average of 5 days of rain. That should do some damage but only during the day. Overnight lows in March are still in the low 20s. April weather looks to help bring the mountain down. There will be some overnight melting then too with an average low of 35. With the mid-50s the average high and 8 days of rain, April should shrink it considerably but won’t melt it completely, right? All I want to know is, “Will it be gone by Memorial Day weekend?”