The Margarita is one of the more popular cocktails in the US. It’s so popular, Jimmy Buffett wrote a song about it. Calling “Margaritaville” a “song” is selling it short. That song launched Buffett to super-stardom and spawned a nation of crazed followers called “Parrotheads”! Anyway, back to the beverage, where’s the best Margarita in Mankato?

There are several stories and bartenders claiming to have created the first margarita. Most go with this account; Legend has it that in 1938 Carlos “Danny” Herrera was working at his restaurant called “Rancho La Gloria” south of Tijuana in Baja California when a beautiful dancer strolled in. Marjorie King was allergic to most distilled spirits, but not to tequila. Posed with the challenge Herrera went to work. Using the traditional shot of tequila as inspiration, he added salt, lime, and turned them into a refreshing beverage.

A quick search of “Mankato’s best margarita” reveals El Mazatlan Authentic Mexican as Yelp’s #1. La Terraza comes in at the #2 spot. It’s not surprising that a couple of Mankato’s more popular Mexican restaurants are at the top of the list. 7 West Taphouse came in 3rd. Do these top 3 sound right to you or is there someplace else that slings a mean margarita?

Of course, you can always make your own. Here’s a helpful video to whip up a pitcher for you and your friends on Saturday, “National Margarita Day“! Use the hashtag #NationalMargaritaDay to share on social media. Remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.