As far as I’m concerned tortilla chips should be their own food group. They’re a staple of my diet. For me, every day is National Tortilla Chip Day!

I go grocery shopping about once every other week or so. Every time I go I buy a bag of tortilla chips. I have my favorite brand and I never stray from them. On a few occasions I’ve tried a different brand, I wound up grabbing my favorites on the next trip. I eat the suckers with a sandwich for lunch nearly every day. Most evenings I snack on some, usually with some salsa, while making dinner. I don’t do the flavored kind. First, I don’t have time to be wiping nacho cheese powder off my fingers, and more importantly, I prefer the chips plain.

Tortilla chips were first mass-produced in LA back in the late 1940s. The triangle-shaped chips were made popular by Rebecca Webb Carranza. She and her husband sold the odd-shaped chips at their Los Angeles deli. They sold them for 10 cents a bag. They’ll cost you considerably more today. The bag of chips I buy cost over $2.

Tortilla chips are a Mexican restaurant staple. As soon as you sit down a bowl of chips and salsa is slid onto the table. That can be a problem. I eat so many chips by the time the food I ordered arrives I’m not hungry and wind up taking most of it home. Are you a tortilla chip fan too? Which Mexican place in town has the best? I’d like to try’em!