It’s Rolling Stones 60th anniversary as a band! To celebrate, a recent documentary series called My Life as a Rolling Stone is set to air on Epix on Aug.7.

The series takes a look at the group’s story through each individual; singer Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, guitarist Ron Wood, and the late drummer Charlie Woods. On the report of the Deadline, the four episodes will showcase the musicians’ personalities, how they have impacted culturally, and what personal obstacles they have overcome.

The series was co-directed by Oliver Murray and Clare Tavernor, who have both worked with the band on previous projects. Murray directed The Quiet One, which is a 2019 documentary about co-founding bassist Bill Wyman. Tavernor was in charge of a Richards-focused TV special connected to his autobiography called Life. 

“Compelling music docuseries have become a pillar of Epix’s slate of premium original programming, and My Life as a Rolling Stone is perfect addition to that mix,” said by president of Epix, Michael Wright. “This distinctive documentary captures the raw and organic energy that defines The Rolling Stones and tells the gripping, epic story of their journey. I am excited for viewers to experience this legendary band as few ever have before.”


-Intern Asma