The House Ways and Means Committee (Tuesday 6 p-m) is the next stop for a bill that would allow undocumented residents to obtain a Minnesota driver’s license.  The measure co-sponsored by D-F-L Representative Maria Isa Perez-Vega of St. Paul passed two committees last week:

“And the important of what good citizenship is …is allowing to make it easier for folks to be be a part of this country who want….who work hard, who have children who are citizens of this country.”

G-O-P Representative John Petersburg of Waseca supported a failed amendment requiring that driver’s licenses for immigrants say “not for voting” on the card:

“We need to continue to figure out ways in which we improve the perception of voter integrity and I don’t think this does it. I think it’s a concern.”

The so-called ‘driver’s licenses for all’ bill has the support of law enforcement, business groups, religious leaders, and the state’s agricultural community.