The Minnesota Senate will likely vote later this week on a highly controversial bill to put abortion rights into state law — “insurance” against any future Minnesota Supreme Court reversing the landmark 1995 Doe -v- Gomez decision (as the U-S Supreme Court did with Roe -v- Wade).  Republicans warn the bill will allow abortion up to the moment of birth, Red Wing Representative Pam Altendorf saying before the House passed it last Thursday…

“I ask Minnesotans today, did you want to be the most radical, extreme state on abortion laws?”

Saint Paul Representative Kaohly Vang Her responds what’s “extreme” is ignoring health care costs, the housing crisis and child care needs:

“We stacked odds against anyone who wants to start a family and then, when someone says they cannot bring a child into this world, we demonize them.  That is extreme.”)

Backers of the bill say late-term abortions are extremely rare in Minnesota.