AAA: Dangerous Driving Behaviors on the Rise

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 A new AAA report reveals that unsafe driving behaviors increased from 2020 to 2021. The increase comes after three years of steady declines. According to the new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the rise in risky behaviors included speeding, red-light running, drowsy driving, and driving impaired due to cannabis or alcohol. The most alarming increase was among drivers admitting to getting behind the wheel after drinking enough that they felt they were over the legal limit - an increase of nearly 24%. 

Major Winter Storm Could Hit Minnesota Next Week

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(Chanhassen, MN) -- Minnesota could get hit by a major winter storm early next week.  National Weather Service meteorologist Tyler Hasenstein says the exact track of the system is uncertain, but one model suggests big snow across the state.  He says that forecast indicates at least three to four inches and up to double-digit snowfall.   Hasenstein  says it's a pretty safe bet Minnesota will receive some precipitation on Tuesday and Wednesday.  He says the big question mark is the form and severity.

Kwik Trip Bend of the River Festival Returns to MSU Campus This Fall

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Minnesota State University Athletics received a $50,000 check from this year’s Kwik Trip Bend of the River Fall Festival organizers, a portion of which will be used to support scholarships for student-athletes. In addition, it was also announced that a contract is in place for the festival to return to the campus of Minnesota State University this Fall. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 16, 2023 and other details including this year’s music line-up and an on-sale date for tickets will be announced soon.

Blue Earth County Library Invites You to a Winter Wonderland with the Mankato Symphony Orchestra

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The Blue Earth County Library System (BECLS) is delighted to host a special performance by the Mankato Symphony Orchestra at the Blue Earth County Library in Mankato on Saturday, December 10 at 1pm. The orchestra will perform their Winter Wonders interpretation of the "See, Hear, Play: Music" program, which is designed for young listeners to discover and learn about the history, purpose, and joy of classical music.

Incoming DFL senators want to eliminate state tax on Social Security benefits

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Four freshman D-F-L state senators want to eliminate state tax on Social Security benefits, while their incoming majority leader, Kari Dziedzic , says she has "deep concerns" about doing it.  Senators Grant Hauschild of Hermantown, Heather Gustafson from Vadnais Heights, Rob Kupec of Moorhead and Judy Seeberger from Afton point to Minnesota's nearly 18-billion-dollar budget surplus.  Incoming House *Republican* Minority Leader Lisa Demuth wants the tax totally eliminated: "Ending that tax on Social Security across the board is what we need to do.  It's what we talked about on the campaign trail." Governor Tim Walz is talking about eliminating state tax [...]

St. Cloud State economist says low gas prices could foreshadow recession

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Saint Cloud State University economist King Banaian says dramatically falling gas prices we're seeing could foreshadow tough economic times in the near future.  Banaian says low prices at the pump could be the result of a massive increase in supply -- or indicate the onset of a recession: "And it think it's the latter....  There is a drop in demand.  Higher prices (in the rest of the economy) have dropped demand (for gasoline), and actually think we are leading ourselves toward a recession.   I don't know if it's started already, if it's gonna start this month in December, (in) January, February.  [...]

MN Chamber says, use budget surplus to improve business climate in MN

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A major business advocate, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, says the state's massive budget surplus is an opportunity to update the state's tax code to make Minnesota more attractive to businesses.  Chamber President Doug Loon says Minnesota income taxes are sixth-highest in the country, affecting many small business owners -- and corporate taxes... ..."we're number-two in the country, second only to New Jersey -- and as I understand it, New Jersey's corporate rate turns off  in 2024 where, if we don't do anything on that, we'll be number-one in the country." Some warn that major changes to Minnesota's tax code could [...]

Advocates want $1B of surplus to improve long term care in Minnesota

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Advocates say a billion dollars (about six percent) of the state's 17-plus billion-dollar surplus should go to beef-up the wages for senior caregivers.  Kari Thurlow with the Long Term Care Imperative says they've been sounding the alarm for years about the workforce crisis in long-term care: "Seniors were turned away from long term care 11-thousand times in just the month of October -- that's  just in Minnesota, in one month." Thurlow says people are ending up staying in hospitals much longer than they would have to because beds in long term care facilities aren't available.  She says families aren't getting care [...]

Judge Rules Cultural Competency Can Be Required For New MN Teacher Licenses

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A judge says Minnesota's Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board can require cultural competency training for newly licensed teachers.  Administrative Law Judge James Mortenson said yesterday that officials must revise or remove sections of the training that dictate what material teachers use in the classroom.  Licensing officials say the board will meet Friday to address the feedback.  Opponents of the new standards say the rule changes amount to indoctrination and the politicization of schools.

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