Charcuterie Boards Popular At MN Thanksgivings

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(Providence, RI)  --  Charcuterie boards are the most popular Thanksgiving side in Minnesota.  That's according to Google search data compiled by Zippia.  The report found that America's most-googled Thanksgiving side, as a whole, was mashed potatoes.  Other top contenders were rolls, green bean casserole, and stuffing.

Birds Found Dead on Minnesota Lake

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(Waseca, MN)  --  More than 100 Canada geese and 25 mallard ducks were found dead on a Minnesota lake. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says since the more than 125 dead birds were found last Sunday in Waseca, several hundred geese continue to use the lake. The DNR is testing the dead birds for diseases. Results are pending.

Early Ice Warnings

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking you to talk to your kids about ice safety this holiday season and avoid tragedy.  DNR Ice Safety Coordinator Nicole Biagi: "We always want to remind parents and adults at home to keep an eye on their kids to talk to them about the ice and the danger that it poses. Kids are naturally curious about ice and if your kids are near the ice you should be near your kids." Biage says while ice is never 100% safe, the early stages of freezing are particularly dangerous.

Oklahoma authorities arrest man wanted in fatal shooting at Bloomington restaurant

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Law enforcement in Oklahoma early this morning (Thurs) arrested a 47-year-old man wanted in connection with yesterday afternoon's shooting at a Vietnamese restaurant in Bloomington: Police say the suspect pushed his way into the establishment, then shot multiple times, killing a 49-year-old "regular" at the restaurant and injuring a 25-year-old server.  Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges says "our hearts go out to the victim and their family" and "we are grateful that we were able to lock up the person responsible for their loss."

Greater MN cities to Democratic lawmakers: Don’t forget us

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City leaders from Greater Minnesota meeting in Alexandria recently did not fail to notice that the incoming Democratic majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate will not have very many non-metro lawmakers.   Thief River Falls Mayor Brian Holmer, president of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities says: "Now's the time to step up on the One Minnesota.  Everybody in the state when they drive out of the metro area, even into the rural areas, they expect to have clean water and good infrastructure with roads and bridges and everything else." Holmer says officials in Greater Minnesota cities will lobby lawmakers for [...]

Mental health resources, rural broadband among MN Farm Bureau’s top priorities for 2023 session

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More affordable health insurance and health care -- among top priorities for the fast-approaching 2023 legislative session that Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation set at its recent annual meeting.  President Dan Glessing says that includes mental health resources: "You don't have to look too far.  I would say over half our board had first-hand knowledge of someone who took their own life, or some situation of mental health." Glessing says they'll also ask lawmakers to expand the beginning farmer tax credit -- something talked about last session that didn't get done.

Free Park Day at All 75 State Parks and Trails in Minnesota

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There's free entrance to all 75 state parks and trails on Black Friday (Friday) in Minnesota.  Fort Snelling State Park naturalist Kao Thao says the weather is ideal for 'free park day': "It's a great time of the year to come out and hike here... especially with no mosquitoes and no  100-degree temperatures." Thao says it also gives people an opportunity to exercise and walk off their Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas at the Hubbard House Starts Dec. 3

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Start your holiday season off right with the Blue Earth County Historical Society’s annual Christmas at the Hubbard House on Saturday, December 3 from 3-7 p.m. and Sunday, December 4 from 1-4 p.m. Tickets are $10/adults, $7/BECHS Members, $5/children 5-17

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