Oakdale Man Charged With Shooting At Law Enforcement Has Been Identified

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(Oakdale, MN)  --  A man accused of shooting at police outside of an Oakdale home has been identified.  Authorities say Shawn Codinack was charged with three counts of first-degree assault against a peace officer.  The 32-year-old defendant allegedly shot at officers on Monday from his third-floor apartment building.  Four officers who returned gunfire are on administrative leave.  No one was wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

Best Buy Early Black Friday Deals Begin Tuesday

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(Richfield, MN)  --  Best Buy is starting its early Black Friday sales this coming Tuesday.  The sale will run for four days and then the official Black Friday sale will begin on November 19th.  The deals that begin on October 19th will be covered by a "Black Friday Price Guarantee" if prices go lower.  Best Buy will be officially closed on Thanksgiving, following suit after Walmart and Target made the same decision.

Lawmakers Aim To Rein In Big Tech Companies

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(Washington, DC)  --  Some lawmakers are looking to rein in big tech companies.  A bipartisan bill is being introduced in the Senate that aims to prevent large tech companies from using their power to limit the growth of smaller rivals.  The bill is aimed at Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.  The key sponsors are Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar and Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley.

MN electric co-ops address priorities for Nat’l Co-op Month

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It's National Cooperative Month--a proclamation that first originated in Minnesota in 1948. Scott Reimer is General Manager at Federated Rural Electric Association and says co-ops nationwide and locally are focused on meeting their members' needs. "We've been here for them since the 1930s and we're here for them today and we're all about reliable electricity, customer service and safety." Reimer says electric cooperatives in Minnesota serve about 1.7 million Minnesotans in all 87 counties and operate the largest electric distribution network in the state.

Halloween is next law enforcement crackdown, on impaired drivers

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After finishing a two-week "Click it or Ticket" seatbelt campaign, law enforcement is getting ready for Halloween.  Mike Hanson, director of the state Office of Traffic Safety says: "Halloween is a big deal.  It's also on a weekend (Sunday 10/31)  this year, I believe.  And it's also a night that we see a significant uptick in the number of impaired driving events that take place out there." Deaths from speed-related crashes are up significantly in Minnesota from prior years, and impaired driving crashes are also a significant part of the state's traffic fatalities.

Don’t delay — start your holiday shopping sooner, rather than later

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The holiday season is maybe two months away, but experts are advising shoppers to start making their lists now, due to transportation supply chain issues.  John Hauslauden with the Minnesota Truckers Association says they continue reeling with a shortage of drivers. He says it's important to remember "if you got it, a truck brought it": "Everything that we count on for our quality of life and our very survival spends some time on a truck. Whether it's coming to or from a distribution center, or retail store, delivery to your home, coming from a port. It all spends time on a [...]

Senate to hold hearing on DVS exam station delays, closures

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A State Senate hearing scheduled for Friday afternoon will center on concerns about Driver and Vehicle Services offices around the state that have yet to reopen following shut-downs in reaction to COVID-19. The hearing comes after a group of lawmakers sent a letter to D-P-S Commissioner John Harrington earlier this month. Concerns listed include complaints of long waits and long drives to get a drivers test, delays in license services, and some locations still not yet reopened. The lawmakers in the letter cited money allocated by the legislature to ensure all drivers license exam stations are open, but say they have [...]

Mentor Recruitment Marathon Happening Now

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The Mankato Family YMCA Brother/Sister Program has partnered with Radio Mankato in an effort to recruit 72 new mentors over 72 days. There is a large need for mentors in both Community Based Mentoring and School-Based Mentoring to help reduce the number of youth on the waiting list. There are currently over 60 boys and over 12 girls on the waiting list to be matched with a mentor through the Y Brother/Sister Program. Many on the wait list have been waiting more than two years for a mentor. Mentors have a direct impact on youth in the community and often make [...]

Minneapolis Man Charged With Threatening To Kill County Judges, Clerks, And Deputies

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(Minneapolis, MN)  --  A Minneapolis man is accused of threatening to kill Hennepin County judges, clerks, deputies, and other public employees.  Peter Berry was charged in federal court with three counts of interstate transmission of threats in connection with phone calls he allegedly made in late June to several county offices.  The 60-year-old defendant is behind bars without bail because the judge has ruled him a flight risk.

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