6 - 10AM
6 - 10AMProgram Director, Morning Show, Station Imaging, Production Mgr

Mornings rock hard with Jay In The Morning.  Hear the background of some of classic rock’s greatest and deepest.  Take a trip on the back-roads of time with the 80s Rage – a show dedicated to the 80 metal and heavy rock plus the decade’s pop culture beginning at 8AM.  A drummer and musician since early childhood, and currently plays for Minnesota’s legendary Murphy Brothers Band.  A rebellious personality, sarcastic, a big heart, and no bull.  He once had to write an apology letter to Ryan Seacrest.  He once made a former employer so mad he was told he’d never work in radio again.  He once saved two pink baby mice from getting killed in a hollow tree and nursed them til they were old enough to be freed.  He laughs at pain.  He cries for roadkill.  Just a regular guy with a cool gig.

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