A Guy Lost His Kindergarten Teaching Job Over His Tattoos and Surgically Blackened Eyes

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Before you decide to make yourself look like the most frightening human being alive, maybe it's good to consider how it works with your career. There's a 35-year-old guy in Palaiseau, France named Sylvain Helaine.  And he recently lost his job as a kindergarten teacher. Why?  He's covered from head to toe in tattoos . . . and his eyes are surgically blackened to look like demon eyes.  So the kids were TERRIFIED when they saw him. One three-year-old in the preschool even had NIGHTMARES because of it.  That kid's parents complained, and he lost his kindergarten job.  He's still at [...]

At-Home Professions Seminar

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You can work at home and earn good money in healthcare. You need no previous experience! But, you do need training in how to prepare medical reports. If you want to train at home to work at home, come to the free seminar on Wednesday, March 6th at 7 PM at the Mankato Country Inn and Suites Conference Center. Where you can train at home to work from home full time or part time doing medical reports for doctors, hospitals, and clinics. If you want to work at home and earn good money, come to Mankato Country Inn and Suites Conference [...]

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