This Day In Rock History

For: Thursday, September 16, 2021

In 1966 A member of Parliament asked Britain’s House of Commons to officially “deplore” the action of a magistrate who’d earlier called The Rolling Stones “complete morons…who wear filthy clothes.”

In 1970 Led Zeppelin dethroned The Beatles as the UK’s most popular band in a “Melody Maker” poll. It was the first time in eight years that the Beatles weren’t at number one on the list. Robert Plant was also voted best male vocalist.

In 1977 T. Rex’s former singer Marc Bolan was killed instantly when the car driven by his girlfriend left the road and hit a tree in London, just two weeks before his 30th birthday. His girlfriend survived the crash, but broke her jaw in the accident. The couple were on the way to Bolan’s home in Richmond after a night out at a Mayfair restaurant.

In 1995 Meat Loaf was the first artist to promote an album by hosting a private party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

In 1998 Mott The Hoople’s Dale “Buffin” Griffin was scheduled to appear at the Virgin Megastore in London with Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs, and Blue Weaver to sign copies of the Sony Anthology and Campbell Devine’s authorized biography. Unfortunately, Buffin had to cancel his appearance at the last minute, although Hunter, Ralphs, Allwen, and Blue Weaver still managed to attend.

Ex-drummer for Clash, Topper Headson was released from jail after 10 months, getting released five months early. His sentence was on a narcotics charge.

In 2003 The Rolling Stones released a seven-track maxi single featuring remixes of the song “Sympathy for the Devil.” Fatboy Slim, The Neptunes and Full Phat are some of the artists who reworked the classic rock song.

In 2004 A coroner’s report said the late Rick James had nine drugs in his system, including cocaine, methamphetamine, Valium, and Vicodin, when he died a month earlier.

In 2005 Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil suffered a partial tear of his calf muscle during the band’s performance in Atlanta. The singer didn’t let the injury affect the group’s touring schedule.

Courtney Love was sentenced to 180 days in the county jail for the probation violation, but Love said she would instead spend that time at an in-house rehab program, after confirming she has made progress over the last month at a similar facility.

In 2006 Gregg Allman was among the inductees into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. He would go on to be inducted again as a songwriter in 2015.

In 2009 Peter, Paul, And Mary’s Mary Travers died following a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 72.

The Muncie, Indiana police announced that Ozzy Osbourne was donating the money for a new dog, which the department named Ozzy. Ozzy the new K9 officer replaced the 13-year-old Rover, who was retiring from the force.

In 2013 Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack began his run as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.” He finished on the show in third place.