This Week In Rock News! 9/23/22

A recap of this week in rock news; Elton John makes a yellow brick road detour, John Hartman of The Doobie Brothers has passed away, and Sammy Hagar is coming out with an album next week!

  • Elton John will take time out from his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour on Friday for an intimate performance on the South Lawn of the White House. A Night When Hope and History Rhyme will be hosted by A&E Networks and the History Channel, and will feature speeches from President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden. The event will honor Elton and the “everyday history-makers in the audience, including teachers, nurses, frontline workers, mental health advocates, students and LGBTQ+ advocates.”
  • The Doobie Brothers are mourning the death of their founding drummer John Hartman. They released a statement saying: According to the band’s website, “It all began in 1969, when a drummer named John Hartman arrived in Northern California. He was there to meet Skip Spence from the band Moby Grape and become part of a supposed band reunion that never quite got off the ground. But it wasn’t all for naught. Spence (who had also played in the Jefferson Airplane) introduced Hartman to his friend Tom Johnston, a local singer/songwriter/guitarist, and they connected. Hartman and Johnston began playing local Bay Area bars. They soon met singer/guitarist Pat Simmons, whose finger-style playing richly complimented Johnston’s R&B strumming-style, and the foundation for The Doobie Brothers was set.”
  • Sammy Hagar cranks it out with The Circle on their new album, Crazy Times, but that wasn’t his plan. The album’s producer Dave Cobb tells Rolling Stone that Hagar told him, “I’ll write songs about things around America and farmers and things … like a John Mellencamp record.” Cobb says he told him, “Nah. I’ve made plenty of those. I want to make the definitive Sammy Hagar record. I grew up on your music, and I want to capture what I love about it.” Crazy Times comes out next Friday, September 30th.