A Mankato man is facing four robbery charges, all of them felonies, connected to an attack last month outside the Red Rocks Bar in Mankato.

On January 19, Mankato Police officers were flagged down by a man walking with a limp who had blood on his face and clothing. He told them he was “jumped” by at least two black men, one of whom was holding two glass bottles.

The victim told investigators that the men stole his cell phone and $160 in cash before walking into an apartment on South Front Street.

City surveillance video shows the two men following the victim from the bar and also captured other people in the area watching the fight. Police say none of them tried to break it up or call 911.

Less than 24 hours later, a second robbery was reported near the Red Rocks Bar which also included the use of glass bottles as weapons. The second victim suffered significant injuries to his face but was able to identify his attackers.

The criminal complaint shows 27-year-old Obed Olok was found and arrested the following day. Now the department has also filed charges against 26-year-old Medi Opiew in the robberies as well.