A Winnebago woman who spent hours on Friday stuck in a vehicle that slid off Blue Earth County Road 1 near Highway 30 is accused of stealing from the couple that tried to help her.

Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Deputies say 33-year-old Heidi Thomas and 36-year-old Francis Eagle spent most of the night in the car, and in the morning walked to a home on 550th Avenue. The homeowner eventually called 90101 and said the two weren’t, “Acting normal.”

When police arrived they arrested Eagle, who had a warrant out of Faribault County, and in a search of the car found a mirror in the glove box that tested positive for meth so Thomas was taken into custody for drug possession.

While Thomas was being booked corrections officers found a $500 check in her pocket made down one of the people who live in the home on 550th Avenue.

The criminal complaint shows Thomas claimed the homeowner had given her the coat, gloves, hat, and leggings where the check was discovered but the victim denied giving her a coat and told investigators that the check had been on a counter in the bathroom of the residence – where Thomas had spent an unusual amount of time.


She is charged with theft, meth possession, and driving without a valid license.