One of my favorite things to do on the morning show is having Sully on KXLP with a sports update and the National Day Calendar.

Back in the mid 90s, Mike and I worked together at a small radio station in Albert Lea, at KATE-AM and KCPI-FM.  So, we’ve got a work history and hanging out at company parties back then.  You, our listeners, have told the both of us many times on different occasions that you can tell how well we get along just by listening to what we talk about and making fun of ourselves. That’s a great compliment, and we appreciate you tuning in.  If you’re not able to catch our segment at 7:45 each morning, I’ll pop it online to stream.  Or maybe you do listen, but want to hear “that one part again”.


We’re just a couple regular guys who got lucky in landing a job and building a career with what they love, and love to do.  We’re nothing super special, but we’re real and that’s the deal you get when you tune in.  And we talk about hard-hitting real issues, like today being National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Or School Day.  The world wants to know!  The world NEEDS to know!  Thanks for listening.

Jay (In The Morning)