Wednesday, December 4th is National Cookie Day! The timing seems about right. With the holidays coming up it seems appropriate to celebrate theses snacking “discs” in early December. When it comes to cookies, I’m more of a traditionalist. I’m a chocolate chip guy. I know many of you are fans of Oreos. I like them ok but was never crazy about the cream filling, even as a kid.

I never really took the time to consider just how many different kinds of cookies there are. While standing in the middle of the cookie aisle at the grocery store I was amazed at how many varieties were on the shelves. The entire side was dedicated just to cookies! There had to be 20 or more different kinds.

I’m more of a fan of the homemade variety too. The store-bought cookies are often too hard and too crunchy for my liking. I’m not a baker, nor do I have the time to make a batch of cookies from scratch so “Where’s a guy to find a local homemade cookie?” A quick search online brought up a few places including Insomnia Cookies. First, props to the name. Located near the Minnesota State University campus, that seems like the perfect place for a cookie company! They even deliver! Other places included, the Wooden Spoon downtown at 515 N Riverside Drive. So, what’s your favorite cookie? Be sure to grab one on National Cookie Day and share a pic of you and your cookie using the hashtag #nationalcookieday!