9/21/21 Rock News

— Roger Taylor is opening up about Queen’s decision to split writing credits equally. Speaking with The Telegraph, Taylor said when the deal was made, he was the only one without a major song writing credit to his name. He said the deal didn’t actually work out that well for him because by the 80s he was writing most of the band’s hits. However, Taylor said he can’t complain about Freddie’s Mercury’s “wonderful solution” to the band’s problem.

— An Eddie Van Halen tribute is one step closer to becoming a reality in his hometown of Pasadena, California. That’s because the city council approved the language and location of a memorial plaque. It’s set to go in place near the Civic Auditorium where Van Halen has played numerous times. There’s no word on when it will be installed. Van Halen died in October of last year after battling cancer.

— ZZ Top is warning of people trying to “cash in” on Dusty Hill’s death. ZZ Top released a statement saying the money made from the unauthorized merch isn’t going to Dusty’s estate, the band, or any causes they support. They said it’s “sad and unfortunate” that many people are trying to benefit from Hill’s untimely death. The band also said they will protect Hill and the band to the fullest extent of the law and put a stop to the sale of unauthorized merchandise.

— Dave Grohl is going on tour, a book tour that is. He announced he is going on tour to support the release of his new book ” The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music.” The tour will take place across four cities in England and the U.S. He’ll start on September 27th at a theater in London and end on October 13th at the Ford in Los Angeles, California. He’s also set to make stops in New York City and Washington D.C. The book itself is set to come out on October 5th.

— Axl Rose is feeling better after feeling sick last week. The Guns N’ Roses frontman took to Twitter to tell fans he believes he had food poisoning and that his symptoms impacted his performance in Chicago. He said it was a crazy night but the crowd was great so he ended up having fun. Rose added he messed up his vocals in some places but he’s glad he got through it.