Gene Simmons says Kiss is planning to add 100 more cities to their End of the Road tour!

Although they are unsure about when their farewell will finish, in a recent interview the singer and bassists says, “We don’t know. We’ve never retired before. This is our first time,” Simmons said with a grin. “It’s like painting a painting or writing a book. When somebody says, ‘When is it gonna be finished?’ You’re in the middle of it; you don’t know.”

With the band’s live enthusiasm and consistency, he explained, “The crew is happy. Everybody’s happy. So we’ve decided to add another 100 cities before we stop. I don’t know how long that’s gonna take.”

The pandemic has naturally altered the band’s agenda with their previous announcement of their final show being on July 17, 2021. Now, they will span past January 30, 2023, which is the 50th anniversary of Kiss’ first show.

“We didn’t think about 50 years or anything like that,” Simmons noted. “We just thought, ‘OK, I’m gonna be 70 years old’ before the pandemic started; maybe it’s time to stop so we don’t go too long. I don’t care who you are – at some point, you have to get off the stage, and it’s better for the fans and you and for the legacy to get off the stage while you’re still great. Don’t wait until you’re too old. Don’t do that.”

When asked if Kiss could add even more dates more than the 100 cities they already added, he said, “probably not.” But, he also said, “I’ve said ‘probably not’ before.”

“I don’t know,” he carried on. “A lot of it has to do with how we feel and how strong we are. But this is a tour that will not stop until it stops. So we’re not gonna take a year off and then resume. We’re in the tour mode, and we’re gonna stay out there until we stop. Do I know where the last show is gonna be or when? I do not know. But I’m telling you: We are having the time of our lives.”

The End of the Road Tour carries on in France’s Festival du Printemps de Perouges on June 30 and currently goes through early October. And following that will be two back-to-back Kiss Kruises later that month.

-Intern Asma