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HOMETOWN: I’m a country girl who grew up on a hog farm outside of Waldorf, MN.

TV SHOWS: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Kids Baking Championship, Master Chef Jr., re-runs of The Sopranos and The Office.

MOVIES: Steel Magnolias, The Devil’s Rejects, Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, Under The Tuscan Sun, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Hocus Pocus and Christmas Vacation!

APPS: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ColorNote, Calendar, YouTube, iHeartRadio, Pixel Art (for my kids) and my camera because I take way too many pictures!

LAST BOOK I READ: Walter The Farting Dog


  1. I’m a huge list maker. I have 12 lists I write things on daily
  2. I have 5 tattoos and have had 11 piercings in my lifetime.
  3. I was 35 when I finally got my first set of matching bathroom towels
  4. I have 3 beautifully loud children, 2 of my own and 1 step: Dakota, Ryder & Brody
  5. My husband won my heart after he made me steak & asparagus on the grill.
  6. I haven’t been on a plane in over a decade
  7. I don’t really care about sports unless my kids play. Currently, I’m a Hockey Mom & a Baseball Mom
  8. I’m a huge Nerdy Nummies fan!
  9. If you saw me at the club with a group of friends, I would be the one guarding the drinks
  10. I believe fresh flowers can make you a happier person!

ADDICTIONS: Hollywood gossip, the smell of coffee, chapstick and pinning stuff on Pinterest but not really making any of it.

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: I’ve never had anything with the correct spelling of my name on it. My husband, Mike, gave me a coke bottle with my name on it as a gift.
DREAM VACATION: I haven’t been on a plane in over a decade. I want to go everywhere!
FAVE RESTAURANTS: Ummies, Big Dog and Eagle’s Nest.
FAVE DRINKS: RumChata with hot chocolate aka Hotchata or vodka with flavored water aka Watka.
FAVE CLOTHING STORE: Encore Consignment & Bridal Boutique, I could spend hours there!!
FAVE MUSIC: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Pentatonix, Bob Seger, Deftones, Tool, Staind and Alice In Chains.

PREFERENCE: THONGS, BOYSHORTS, GRANNY PANTIES OR COMMANDO: boyshorts during the day, commando at night.

TYPICAL BREAKFAST: Coffee and chocolate mint protein powder mixed.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Playing Bingo & Meat Raffles at the local American Legion, getting my hair dyed & nails done and plucking my eyebrows.

IN MY PURSE: Phone, wallet, 2 coupon books, 2 tubes of chap stick, sunglasses, hair tie, small snack for kids, hand sanitizer, Tic Tacs and business cards.

PET PEEVES: Dropped phone calls, losing my sunglasses parents who scream at their kids in public and being late.

VOLUNTEER WORK/CHARITIES: I’m very active as a GoRed For Women committee member and also volunteer my time at Rosa Parks Elementary school, with the Mankato Area Hockey Association and Hosanna Lutheran Church.

I am the mom on the show and will most likely really tell you what I think (sometimes whether you want to hear it or not).
— Cari