OZZY ‘Ask Me Anything’ Reddit Session: Talks Drugs, Macca, Floyd and More

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Ozzy Osbourne did a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session on Tuesday afternoon, and he had some interesting responses to the thousands of questions asked. If you could go back in time and change just one thing what would it be? I would make sure Randy [Rhoads] never got on that plane. What's your favorite Pink Floyd album? Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall or Obscured by Clouds. Is there someone that you've always wanted to collaborate with on a song? I'd love to do something with Paul McCartney, but I doubt that will happen. What is one thing you tell to someone that can motivate them to stop doing drugs? I'm lucky. Everyone [...]

Today Is National Tortilla Chip Day!

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As far as I'm concerned tortilla chips should be their own food group. They're a staple of my diet. For me, every day is National Tortilla Chip Day! I go grocery shopping about once every other week or so. Every time I go I buy a bag of tortilla chips. I have my favorite brand and I never stray from them. On a few occasions I've tried a different brand, I wound up grabbing my favorites on the next trip. I eat the suckers with a sandwich for lunch nearly every day. Most evenings I snack on some, usually with some [...]

James Hetfield’s First Post-Rehab Performance

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James Hetfield of Metallica did his first public performance since last fall's rehab stint Thursday night in Beverly Hills, California. Hetfield performed at a tribute to the late Eddie Money that also featured Sammy Hagar, George Thorogood, John Waite, Mickey Thomas of Starship and Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon. The event was a benefit for MusiCares and the USC Eddie Money Cancer Research Fund. Before he performed "Baby Hold On," Hetfield said he first met Money at an Oakland Raiders football game where Money was performing the national anthem. Watch Hetfield's speech and performance on YouTube. (Premiere Classic Daily)   https://youtu.be/qRG1YmtIjFY

Saturday Is “National Margarita Day”! Where’s Mankato’s Best?

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The Margarita is one of the more popular cocktails in the US. It's so popular, Jimmy Buffett wrote a song about it. Calling "Margaritaville" a "song" is selling it short. That song launched Buffett to super-stardom and spawned a nation of crazed followers called "Parrotheads"! Anyway, back to the beverage, where's the best Margarita in Mankato? There are several stories and bartenders claiming to have created the first margarita. Most go with this account; Legend has it that in 1938 Carlos "Danny" Herrera was working at his restaurant called "Rancho La Gloria" south of Tijuana in Baja California when a beautiful [...]

The End For Ozzy?

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Time keeps ticking and the years pass by. Sooner or later, often dependant on well or not we took care of ourselves, age catches up with us. At some point, we all must face the end. The end of doing that thing we love. It wasn't a surprise to me to hear that Ozzy Osbourne canceled his 2020 "No More Tours 2" shows. Even "The Great And Powerful Oz" has succumbed to health issues and old age. Ozzy hasn't been right for a while. He's been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of years. In October 2018, [...]

What’s The Local Cure For “Cabin Fever?”

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One of the consistent things about living in a desert is the weather. With plenty of days of sunshine and low humidity, winter wasn't that tough in my former home in western Colorado. I wasn't a big hiker before I arrived in Grand Junction. But as they say, "when in Rome" and there hiking is a way of life so I got myself a good pair of hiking shoes and got after it. With the Colorado River rolling through town and the Colorado National Monument on the city outskirts, there were literally dozens of trails within a few miles of my [...]

When Will The Snow Mountain Melt?

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A couple of months ago I posed the question. "When will the snow pile at Madison and Victory be gone"? Since then the snow mountain has grown in size. I get that it's likely not as big as it's been in years past but it's of considerable size. It's been the topic of conversation with a few friends from back home too. I try and describe the amount of snow on the ground and the size of some of the snow piles, they usually ask "When do you think those things will melt?" As more snowstorms hit Mankato and the parking [...]