A Busy Hockey Weekend In Mankato

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  I finally made it to an MSU Hockey game! It's been on my "to do" list but it seemed every time I was close to getting there something came up. Last weekend provided a couple of opportunities to catch some local hockey with MSU in town and the Anthony Ford Pond Hockey Classic in Spring Lake Park. It was busy in downtown Mankato with the hockey games and Mankato's "SnowKato Days". I live on East Walnut just a couple of blacks from Civic Center Plaza. I had to use some strategy so as not to lose my parking spot in [...]

Who Ya Got… To Win The Big Game?

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Will it be the Chiefs, who haven't been there in 50 years?  Or will it be the 49ers, who have stunk in 5 of the last 6 seasons?  If you've done a search of who others think will win The Big Game this weekend, it seems everyone and every so-called "expert" has the answer.  Some of the staff got an email from Bruce, our GM here at Radio Mankato, with this chart and synopsis.  I thought this was interesting and a bit surprising in some areas. Here are some of the findings: Based on the results, MN is rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs.  [...]

Safety Will Be a Big Topic at this Week’s Minnesota Pork Congress

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The Minnesota Pork Congress is taking place in Minneapolis. JoDee Haala of New Ulm is the president of the Minnesota Pork Board. She told the Linder Farm Network safety would be one of the big topics of discussion. "Protection from foreign animal disease and foreign animal disease preparedness," said Haala. "The goal is to make a stronger pork industry. To do that we all need to step up and make a stronger pork industry." Haala says federal authorities are always on the lookout but state and local officials have to be prepared as well. "We need to work with the University [...]

Arik Matson Undergoes Surgery Monday

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A Waseca police officer shot in the line of duty earlier this month went through surgery yesterday. A caring bridge page for Arik Matson says he had surgery to repair the fractures in his skull and face on Monday. Matson was critically injured on January 6th after responding to a suspicious person report in a Waseca neighborhood.

Who Doesn’t Love Bubble Wrap?

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Every year the last Monday of January is National Bubble Wrap Day! In my line of work, moving comes with the territory. In the last dozen years or so I've lived in Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, and now in Minnesota. I know a thing or two about moving and if you do too, you know the beauty of bubble wrap! There is no better packing material than bubble wrap. Newspapers are helpful, a piece of cardboard stuck between things works pretty well, even old towels work, but nothing beats bubble wrap. Those little pockets of air on sheets of clear plastic work [...]

The Twins Winter Caravan Bring Thoughts Of Baseball And Warmer Days!

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After 101 wins and an AL Central division title, hopes and anticipation are high for the 2020 season! With 5 players hitting over 30 home runs the 2019 Minnesota Twins overpowered opponents. With the signing of several key off-season free agents, including third baseman Josh Donaldson, the Twins look poised for another successful season and hopes for a deep playoff run. Minnesota Twins fans packed the KATO Ballroom Thursday evening for the opportunity to get up-close and personal with a few players and the voice of the Twins, Kris Atteberry. The evening started with a video overview of the 2019 season, [...]

All Hail The Beer Can!

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Friday, January 24th is National Beer Can Appreciation Day! It was on that day beer was first sold in cans. The year was 1935, just a few weeks before the repeal of Prohibition. The first can obviously wasn't aluminum, but steel! The can alone weighed 4 ounces!  The first beer sold in cans was brewed at the Krueger Brewing Company in Richmond, Virginia. The can's manufacture was the American Can Company. Stop and think for a second just how big of deal this innovation was! The can made beer portable. Glass bottles obviously had their limitations. Even today, as much as [...]

Kick Off Summer With A Rock Road Trip!

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For those of you that like your rock with a bit more attitude, consider a trip to Rocklahoma! The festival in Pryor, Oklahoma announced their lineup today. I know most of you are familiar with Rockfest over in Cadott, Wisconson. What you may not know is that the folks that created that festival were also the masterminds behind Rocklahoma. The original promoters of Rockfest wanted to expand their festival business but didn't want to create an event that would take any shine away from their already successful festival. The first Rockfest show was in 1994 with REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, and [...]

Where’s The Best Laundry Mat?

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As a single guy living in an apartment with no washer and dryer, you need to know where the laundry mat is. There's one in the basement of the building I'm in, but it's on the fritz half the time. Where's your favorite laundry mat? I've been spoiled I guess. The last two places I rented had quality washers and driers in the apartment. The units in my last place in Colorado weren't new by any stretch but worked great! My washer did go out a time or two but my landlord had someone out to fix it in a day [...]

What’s One To Do When Your Team Finally Makes It To The Super Bowl?

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I was just a kid but I recall when the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV. A large group of family and friends were gathered at my grandma's house with the furniture rearranged so everyone could gather around the relatively small TV. There were screams, cheers, and hugs as everyone celebrated the Chiefs upset victory over the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings. I know for many of you old enough to remember, it was a disappointing outcome. However, the Vikings did go on to have a successful decade of the 70's making three more Super Bowl appearances. Kansas City hasn't been [...]

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