Mankato Clinic’s Sleep Center to Host Open House

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Mankato Clinic’s J. Scott Sanders Center for Sleep Medicine is hosting an open house from 4:30 to 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 19. Attendants can tour the Sleep Center and learn about sleep apnea, sleep studies, CPAP equipment and the latest innovations in sleep medicine. Mankato Clinic neurologists Rachel Ziegler, MD, and Lisa Davidson, MD, will present at 5:15 p.m.   The sleep center is located on Augusta Court.  

The “Game of Thrones” Season 8 Trailer is Finally Here

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We've been (impatiently) waiting for the conclusion to the series. winter is finally here! I was surprised to see how many characters are still alive vying for the Iron Throne. Kill the Night King. Get rid of Cersi. After that, I'm just in it for pure enjoyment because this season will be EPIC. The final season of "Game of Thrones" premieres April 14. Unlike previous seasons, it will be comprised of six episodes, some are rumored to be 90 minutes long.     - Cari SOURCE: YOUTUBE

Rocketman Has Officially Landed. Check Out the Trailer for Elton John’s Bio-pic

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Taron Egerton is Elton John. The official trailer for #Rocketman has landed. YASSSSS!! This looks so good to me! Perhaps not as good as Bohemian Rhapsody but I'm also a bigger fan of Queen's music vs. Elton John. Not that they should be compared! So much talent between the artists and of course the actors who play them.   SOURCE: ROTTEN TOMATOES

The Ultimate Bob Seger Surprise

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My husband, Mike, is a pretty amazing guy. We've both been married once before and try not to take even the smallest, sweet gestures for one another for granted. Which is why this spectacular surprise out of nowhere came as a complete shock to me! Mike has a college degree in Parks & Rec Services. He used that to his advantage to come up with a list of clues/items to bring that he'd given me the week before the show. The first thing he did was tell me not to plan anything for the upcoming weekend because he had an idea! [...]

Get Married For Free in a Nashville Strip Club This Valentine’s Day

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Sounds too good to be true, right? What classy lady wouldn't want to get married at a strip club?! The Deja Vu strip club in Nashville, Tennessee, is making a special offer to couples out there for Valentine’s Day, opening up the roof of the place for free weddings. It’s pretty much turning the club into one-stop shopping. During the entire month of February, you can have your bachelor party downstairs with your friends -- and then just get up on the rooftop with your bride to tie the knot. It’s surprising nobody had thought of this brilliant idea earlier … [...]

It’s almost time to go racing! Get a piece of the action…literally!

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Busch Beer Makes Cans From NASCAR Car: Sources say Busch Beer is releasing a limited edition line of beer cans made from Kevin Harvick’s 2018 race car. Harvick said; “Busch Beer officials brought the idea to me last year and I thought it was great way to connect with the fans. These cans are made up of pieces of my car from the 2018 season. Can’t wait for the fans to see them.” Only 40 cans have been made, fans can win a can by following Busch Beer on Twitter. SOURCE

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Opens Home for Abused Women in Memphis

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  I remember the days my brother and I used to crank Aerosmith around my house. It's so great to see they are still going strong and trying to give back to their community. Especially for cases like these. Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is living proof of that after he announced he was opening Janie’s House, a home for abused and neglected girls. The rock star not only created the safe haven but donated $500,000 to renovate the 82-acre home which is located on the Youth Villages Bartlett Campus, just outside of Memphis. Tyler attended a “scarf-cutting” dedication to officially open the [...]

Superbowl 53 Commercials

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Super Bowl 53 will go down as one of the least exciting and lowest scoring games in Super Bowl history.  So you could say the commercials were more interesting, but that's not saying much. Overall, this year's crop was uneventful, just like the game.  Companies brought more of the funny and creative starting in the second quarter, but then the quality dipped again.  Politics and celebrity cameos were down, robots were in. Fewer companies released their ads online before the game . . . maybe they finally realized it hurts the impact of the commercial to leak it BEFORE the Super [...]

The Most Common Food at Super Bowl Parties Isn’t the Most Popular

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    What's the one food you'll DEFINITELY be eating on Super Bowl Sunday?  A new survey looked into the most common foods served at Super Bowl parties . . . and chips and dip are #1.   47% of parties this year will have some type of chips-and-dip combo.  Pizza is second at 37%.   The ten most common foods we serve on Super Bowl Sunday are chips and dip . . . pizza . . . wings . . . nachos . . . cheese and crackers . . . burgers or sliders . . . tacos . . [...]

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